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CALLING hellomortals!!!

Oh my god. Alex, it could be argued that Heracles and Arthur ARE BROTHERS.

Well, half-brothers, at most. Roman Empire (as in the one that spoke Latin, not HRE) fathered modern Greece, which we pretty much know. But, England was probably fathered by Roman Empire as well! Probably with a celtic tribe or just celts in general (depends which has a tan).

That was a brilliant game. A couple of good storytellers could have kept that going for weeks.

A day out in Edinburgh.


Me, three friends and 3/4 of all our mothers went to Edinburgh on Wednesday. First off, we went to this place called the Camera Obscura, which I imagined was going to be a festival, but it turned out to be a constant place, showing off all sorts of optical illusions, including "The Vortex" which was like the tunnel of mushrooms and acid combined. After that, we went over nearer the castle, to finish the royal mile, and found a man dressed as William Wallace standing on the side of the road, taking photographs with tourists holding the claymore he had. I shouted "William Wallace is seven feet tall" from across the road, and he shouted back "I'm William Wallace and so's my wife". As we went past him again, having finished the royal mile, and took photos with him and his claymore. THE GUY WAS A TEACHER, RAISING MONEY FOR LEUKEMIA. WILLIAM WALLACE. RAISING MONEY FOR LEUKEMIA. AND A TEACHER. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS GLORY.

Later on, we walked past a bunch of people dressed oddly, as living art I assume, and one was dressed all in mirrors. I waved at him, just because, and then noticed the next one was the invisible man, so I thought I'd be clever and wave at him too, since he couldn't possibly see me. HE WAVED BACK. I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW HE SAW ME. As we walked back to the train station, I could hear bagpipes that we couldn't find the source of. Honest to god, I kid you not, bagpipe music from nowhere at all. I bloody LOVE SCOTLAND. HOW DO I BOTTLE A PLACE, SERIOUSLY?!?!

So, what I learned from Edinburgh. Claymores are my favourite sword in the world ever, God plays the bagpipes, and Edinburgh doesn't give a damn whether there is currently a holiday that calls for awesomeness, it'll be awesome anyway. Finally, Scotland needs to be bottled. Like, last month.

Is mah burfday tomorrow

Happy birthday to me~
Mashed potatoes and squee~
happy birthday happy birthday~
happy birthday to me~

+ Awesome Icon squee!

Jan. 30th, 2010

Hello, again, noone! Unless a friend is looking, cause then HIYA!

Just thought I should post something, can't just leave my posts as one now, can I?

I realize now, my first post had it's tag go wrong. I was thinking it would work the same way as deviantart, but it doesn't. Ehehehehehe... XD;;;

ummm... konnichiwaa

hello, im new round here... and now that i've made a small impression: