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bubbles_karate's Journal

well, im 14, but i'll say no more, i like princess tutu, often neglect diaries, i go horse-riding, am positively insane, and i like cardcaptor sakura

Well, that was certainly some time ago. I'm now 17, studying Double Award Graphics at Sixth Form. I no longer go horseriding, but I still love horses with all my heart, and am slowly being inducted into the MLP:FIM herd. I hope to become an animator, but I'm happy with anything from illustrator, to just doing commissions. I'm also an alright story writer, and am working on a tale called "Wizard Puzzles". I hope to one day play DnD, and I'm not sure, but one day might be closer than I thought. I was once part of a brilliant roleplay, which I hope hasn't died like most roleplays I join, that I left badly, which is my deepest regret to this day. Roleplays I join tend to die quickly or have been dead for some time, or I tend to be accidentally phased out. I'm a bit of a yaoi fangirl, though I prefer to think of my shipping ways as equal opportunity rather than leaning any one way. I'm a complete sucker for the protector dynamic in ships, but I'm completely asexual, so please just provide me with fluff and I will happily live in the corner, squeeing. I am a fan of many things, including Axis Powers Hetalia, Princess Tutu, How To Train Your Dragon, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Scotland. I have a nigh on endless knowledge of British folklore and ghost stories, but I'm not afraid to look it up if it is beyond my knowledge.